Disruptive communication: Distort your relations and maintain your value

People seek credits, appreciation and care; they ask to be perceived through their ways and perceptions. These high expectations combined with assumptions about others render the communication process and the interpersonal interaction hindered. It is all about how you see others, your perception towards them. It is about choosing the right timing to communicate and take 100% full responsibility for your communication process.

When facing issues and situations in our daily lives, we tend to have judgements and opinions. These are flexible, elastic and change-oriented. They change based on the situation, the maturity level and the overall conditions. 

Judgments are not values. You are committed to your values but you are not imprisoned in your judgements. Your values are rarely altered while your opinions are of high plasticity, flexibility, tendency to change and ability to expand and shrink. 

Judgements are similar to your actions and to the communication mode you use in your relations. People usually get used to your way of communication, words and actions. For them you are taken for granted. You must disrupt their thoughts and change. Change your communication attitude and alter your behavior to disrupt their perception and enhance their listening machinery. Accordingly, you will create your value and develop your identity.

When you communicate, you aim to connect, deliver a message, illustrate your point of views and project your values. This can only be done by means of disruptive communication; where your modes of communication change and your styles are altered based on the receiver’s attitude, the moment’s conditions and the topic selected. Disruptive communication disrupts your routines in behaviors and attitudes; renew yourself, your environment and your receiver’s perception; only then your relations will be distorted then recreated efficiently and wisely.

Build your communication and conversation on a set of pillars to obtain high efficiency and possess an impact; these are:

  • Communicate for idea fixation
  • Communicate for fear management
  • Communicate for confidence projection
  • Communicate for taking an action
  • Communicate for change
  • Communicate for clarity


To Be Continued…                                    


Nahi AL-JAWAD is a trainer, consultant and entrepreneur, with a background experience in Sales, marketing and management. Nahi works with individuals, NGOs and corporate to help them achieve their vision and purpose through coaching and training on different managerial and leadership aspects that include Business Development, Sales, Negotiation, Goal Setting, Communication, Time management, Public speaking, employability skills, etc. Nahi is the founder of Entrepreneur Management System (EMS), an online platform providing individuals and startups with essential tools and guide to launch their businesses and fire on their careers. Nahi is an Information technology graduate who is integrating business concepts into the digitalized word for an elevated outcome.

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