9 Principles of Abundance

In a world of fears, hesitations, and randomness, abundance is the ultimate solution. Work with high standards, sense your potentials and develop into abundance. Abundance is a reflection of your honesty, confidence, deep thinking, will, determination, ACW, unlimited donations, mind mastery and Passion.

Principle 1 – Honesty:

Maintain your self-respect, keep your honesty at peak level cause in there relies your identity, your image and your self-worth. Set all limits and fears away. Regardless of others perceptions, preserve your perception towards yourself, behaviors and actions; then reflect.

Principle 2 – Confidence:

Trust your potentials, believe yourself and project your beliefs. Be aware of your values and transform it into actions. Develop your self-confidence; no one know your abilities and power more than you. Define your identity; ignore noise, delete distractions and stay confident.

Principle 3 – Deep Thinking:

Dig deep into your inner self. Set your resources, pack yourself with knowledge and skills then think. Reload your creativity; fly high with your brain power. Avoid being superficial. Combine your creativity with disruptive analysis; create new forms then boost new ideas.

Principle 4 – Will:

Once you have the will you will build your way, overcome the obstacles, break all boundaries, boost your energy and accomplish everlasting results. With your will, your goals will change into reality and your fears will disappear, your power will increase and transform into a superpower, to be, to fight and accomplish.

Principle 5 – Determination:

Determine your dreams, set your goals turn them into action and scale your impact. Plan your actions to maximize the results. Ensure the readiness of your mental toolbox and package yourself with persistence and determination to develop and grow.

Principle 6 – ACW:

Acknowledge your potentials, set your strengths, work on your weaknesses, be self-aware; then control. Control your reactions, evaluate your actions and invest in your abilities. Create your value, know your self-worth and build the base line of your standards. Rely on the ACW pillars; Awareness, Control, Worth.

Principle 7 – Unlimited Donations:

You will get what you give. Life is an unlimited donor for those who donate their powers, energy and potentials to attain success. Be the unlimited donor for all your tasks to multiply your rewards. Give with passion, with love, enjoy the art of giving to enjoy the rewards you will gain.

Principle 8 – Mind Mastery:

Master your mind and control your thoughts. The arc of your thoughts shall bend to excellence, to worth, to knowledge and wealthiness. Revolutionize over your thinking patterns in a regular manner. Disrupt your mindsets and create new brain networks and new perception. Have a multi-dimensional perspective when dealing with issues, ideas and problems.

Principle 9 – Passion:

Follow your passion to fire up your actions, boost your energy, elevate performance and increase your results. The track of passion is your right track. It is the trigger of productivity and the emotional energy of all your tasks.

Nahi AL-JAWAD is a trainer, consultant and entrepreneur, with a background experience in Sales, marketing and management. Nahi works with individuals, NGOs and corporate to help them achieve their vision and purpose through coaching and training on different managerial and leadership aspects that include Business Development, Sales, Negotiation, Goal Setting, Communication, Time management, Public speaking, employability skills, etc. Nahi is the founder of Entrepreneur Management System (EMS), an online platform providing individuals and startups with essential tools and guide to launch their businesses and fire on their careers. Nahi is an Information technology graduate who is integrating business concepts into the digitalized word for an elevated outcome.