My Secret to Boosting Memory Capacity and Freeing Up My Mind

How’s your week going so far? I hope my previous email about being an “expert time-planner” was able to help you chart out more smooth sailing on your current projects.

Last week my email about how to remember more effectively also triggered a lot of follow up questions and requests, so today I want to touch on the cornerstone method I use to boost my memory capacity and free up my mind at the same time.

In today’s Information Era, we’re constantly bombarded with information. Facts, figures, news, events, to-dos… studies estimate that every day our brains try to process 34GB of information, and about 50,000 thoughts!

That’s an overwhelming amount of information and the reason why it’s so difficult to even tell what’s useful anymore. That’s just information coming in from the outside. How about information coming internally from your own mind? The ideas, creative flashes, and inspiration — they get lost in the flood too.

How can we remember everything anymore, or make well-informed decisions? Unfortunately, it seems almost unavoidable – we need a way to digest all of this information to survive in today’s world.

Our brains are good at making connections, finding patterns, and converting it into knowledge and experience. They’re not really designed to memorize and store huge loads of data like a computer. It’s just not what we’re good at.

But we’re forced to use it that way. Or are we? A few years ago, I decided to give the job of memorizing and processing all this information to my backup brain — which I call my Digital Brain. It fits in my pocket and acts like a trusty assistant wherever I go. Whenever new information comes in, I give it to my Digital Brain… and let my real brain forget about it! Whenever I need to recall some particular detail from 2 weeks ago, I just pull it back up from my Digital Brain within a few seconds.

It’s a tech-solution for a tech-induced problem.

Besides helping me to declutter my brain, it frees up my mind to spend energy on far more valuable things. Things like creativity, decision making, or learning new skills. The benefits it’s accumulated for me over the years have been enormous. It’s so important that I’ve refined and developed it continuously into a system.

This is a topic that I’ve really wanted to cover in more depth, but there’s just so much to cover that I probably need to do it in parts. So I’d like to ask:



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